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User Access Levels

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Within theBOSSapp, there are three ways users are able to access different parts of the app.

  1. Organisation ‘Administrator’ Level
  2. Position Levels
  3. Groups

Organisation Administrator Level

The organisation administrator level allows access to all data in your organisation. This is the highest level of access so be sure that it is only given to staff that require access to all parts of the business (e.g. senior administrators, stakeholders).

When you create an organisation, you will automatically be an organisation administrator access level, which allows you to give other staff this access.

To give other staff organisation administrator access, go to

'Organisation' > 'Quick Links' > 'Staff' > {staff member}

and click the ‘Add as Administrator’ button on the right hand side of the profile.

Position Levels

Position levels allow you to give certain positions different level of access. There are two position levels, ‘Senior’ and ‘Junior’. These levels are useful if you want to give certain, more senior staff, access to the following things:

  • Client List, including adding new clients
  • Deliverable Pricing
  • Purchases
  • Invoices

Please see the ‘Positions’ page to get more information about adding positions and adding staff to positions.


When people are added to groups, they will have access to different parts of the system. The most notable of this being the ‘Accounting’ group which gives users extra access to the accounting abilities of the system. For more information on what each group does, please see the ‘Groups’ page.