Resource Documents


Most resource profiles have a 'Documents' tab associated to them. This tab will allow you to upload documents associated to that resource. It also allows you to create folders to structure documents better.

Documents Tab

Uploading Documents

When there are no documents currently uploaded to the resource, the list will be empty with a cloud upload icon. To begin uploading documents, drag files onto the cloud or click on the cloud to seelect from your filesystem.

When you have documents uploaded, there will be a list of documents showing, and from there you are able to drag and drop more files onto the list to upload more.

Document List

We currently do not support the upload of folders.

Viewing Documents

To view documents, click on the name of the document and you will get a popup of the document. To move between documents press the left or right buttons or use your arrow keys.

We currently support previews for the following file types:

  • xlsx
  • docx
  • pdf
  • jpg
  • png

Downloading and Printing Documents

To download or print documents, you can select the document from the list and in the header of the popup, you can see a download and printer icon.

Download Documents