theBOSSapp updates 14/02/2022 – 11/03/2022


  • You are now able to add penalty rates for employees.
  • You are now able to edit employment awards for your company.
  • You are now able to directly create a deliverable from a custom job, saving you having to manually download the file from the template and create a deliverable for yourself.
  • You are now able to geofence your projects, this is will be used in the future when our mobile application is released.
  • There is now an org chart feature allowing companies to have a live view of there own org chart. You can also access peoples contact details here.
  • You are now able to have a ‘master’ organisation for documents, this is meant for companies that have subsidiaries so that if they update there documents in the ‘master’ company, they don’t have to update them in every subsidiary.


  • Add in the calibration status to the equipment export
  • CPIRs will now take into account whether or not there is a weekend when setting the date. They used to just always just make the CPIR due date be 2 days from when it is raised, now, if it is raised on a Thursday it will be due on the following Monday, and if it’s raised on a Friday, it won’t be due to the following Tuesday.
  • You can now see the project manager and job manager in the management dashboard.
  • Accounts group will now get notified whenever a supplier updates there details.
  • You are now able to delete people from a pay run.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix issue not sending a notification to the purchase order uploader when purchase order is denied

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