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theBOSSapp Docs

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theBOSSapp is an operations management software designed for small to medium Australian businesses that have started hitting a ceiling with the systems that they have put in place (generally pen and paper/excel solutions) designed to give control back to the stakeholders while storing all business data in a central, secure location.

The main 5 features of boss are as follows.

  • Equipment/Resource Management
  • Timesheet tracking
  • Project Management
  • Invoicing
  • HR Management/Staff Training System

Essentially, the benefits of using theBOSSapp come down to 3 simple themes.

  1. Provides a centralised location for data to be stored, which can be accessed by the appropriate people at any time
  2. Minimizes admin work
  3. Minimizes mistakes
Initial Setup

Get the most out of theBOSSapp!

Project Management

Get your projects organised.

Equipment/Resource Management

Ensure your equipment stays in service.

HR/Staff Training

Keep your staff happy.

Timesheet Tracking

Ensure people get paid correctly.


Ensure you get paid correctly.