Permission Groups

Today we’re introducing a new feature to theBOSSapp called Permission Groups, which allow you to manage access to sensitive resources such as Clients, Projects, and Billing.

With this feature, you can ensure that only authorized users or positions have access to sensitive data, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and protecting your organization’s confidentiality. Further information can be found in the documentation library.

Custom Jobs

When creating new custom jobs, you can now enable “Automatically Create for Every New Project”. This will automatically create this job on any future projects that get created. Read More.


Pop up notifications for help and new features can now be displayed in app.


Expense Claims: Added the ability to delete expense claims.

Supplier Profiles: Purchasers now show as paid, visually, if they have been paid.

Custom Jobs: Added ability to add notifications to toggle fields.

Bug Fixes

Aggregates: Fixed issue causing some aggregates to fail.

Expense Claims: Bug preventing people from sending claims to different approvers has been fixed.

Custom Jobs: Bug preventing creation of deliverables in job has been fixed.

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