theBOSSapp Updates 29/5/2023 – 2/6/2023


Timesheets: Productivity Now Autosaves in Timesheets.

When entering your timesheets, your productivity will now autosave – You no longer need to click save until you’re ready to finalise your timesheet and send it off for approval.

For example, I can create a timesheet and add my productivity throughout the day as needed. When I’m ready to submit my timesheet for approval, I can come back to that day and click save.

Your jobs that fall on the same date as your current timesheet will still pull over every time that you come back to that day. Any additional productivity that you add will also be preserved.

Any changes that autosave on the productivity page will be reflected on the Schedule page and vice versa.

Pay Runs: can now be created for individual branches or groups of branches.

This feature increases flexibility by allowing different branches to finalise their pay runs at separate times.


Timesheets: When navigating to Profile –> Timesheets, New Timesheet will now be the default view. 
To see your existing timesheets, please click the ‘View Timesheets’ button:

Permission Groups: ‘view_pays’ allows organisations to decide whether or not they want timesheet approvers to see the hourly rates of the timesheets.
If unchecked, people that can see timesheets will no longer be able to see payrates.

Bug Fixes

Prompts: Using ChatGPT prompts in custom jobs correctly works in preview mode again.
Exporting your generated prompts to a word/pdf document is working correctly again.