theBOSSapp Updates 02/07/24


  • Approvals: You can now view all previous approvals that you have made. You can also filter by the approval type and sort by the due date. Read more.
  • Support Tickets: You can now display custom fields in support tickets for users to complete.


  • Licensing: Made error messages clearer when an organisation doesn’t have any licences available.
  • Branches: Under Branches, on the Jobs and Projects tabs, you can now see a count of all jobs from the filters you selected.
  • Invoices: Renamed the ‘Send Invoice’ button to ‘Send Draft Invoice’ on invoices before they are approved.
  • Branch jobs and projects can be filtered by ‘this week’, ‘last week’, ‘last month’.
  • Equipment: You can now view the associated purchase order for a piece of equipment in its profile.
  • Equipment: Purchases can now be logged directly in the profile of the associated equipment.

Bug Fixes

  • CPIRs: Fixed the issue of not being able to change a CPIR to a group after it was created.
  • Testing: Made creating Excel calibrations more resilient.
  • Performance Reviews: Fixed the issue causing the number of performance reviews shown on the dashboard to be occasionally incorrect.
  • Support Requests: Notifications for comments on support tickets now include the correct link.
  • Microsoft Integration: Fix bug incorrectly removing licences from users’ profile if their employment was cancelled.
  • Xero Integration: Fix the issue in the loan amortization calculations that causes loans with balloon payments to have slightly incorrect repayment amounts.
  • Credit Cards: Fix issue with cc not filling correctly when sending an invoice.


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