theBOSSapp Updates 09/07/24


  • Knowledge Base: The Knowledge Base can now sync with other organisations from the parent organisation.
  • Approvals: On your profile, past and pending approvals can now be sorted by date.
  • Clients: Trade references are no longer required when clients fill in their sign-up details.
  • Management Dashboards: Division Managers can now see management dashboards associated to their division.

Bug Fixes

  • Invoicing: Client name and ‘trading as’ name in the BOSS preview now match what is shown on the invoice PDF.
  • Jobs: Users can now edit incomplete jobs for clients who were initially COD and later opened an account.
  • Leave Requests: Fixed an issue where the leave type was not displayed for users with a single organisation.
  • Calibrations: A calibration job is now automatically created whenever a worksheet is created.


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