theBOSSapp Updates 14/06/24


  • Profile: Users can now edit their payroll details including superannuation, bank accounts, HECS, and tax-free threshold, directly in their profile. The payroll tab displays the details the payroll department has for you and any updates made here will automatically reflect in the payroll system. Read more.
  • Invoices: are now sent through the organisation’s ‘accounts email’ or the email address specified by the project’s branding theme. This ensures that all invoices are consistently sent from a recognized and official email address associated with your project.


  • Employment Details: Primary staff roles can now have leave types changed directly within the staff role, integrated with payroll.
  • Calibrations: Improved error messages when generating calibration worksheets if a sheet in the Excel file is not found.
  • Profile: HECS and ‘tax-free threshold’ toggle added to the ‘Add a new user’ form.
  • Test Requests: When the ‘Branch Completed At’ field is selected in a test request, the moistures created in that test request will now point to that branch, instead of the branch of the job.
  • Suppliers and Clients: ‘Details to fill’ emails will now be sent from the person’s email who initiated the request, instead of from theBOSSapp email address.
    The ‘Please fill out details’ page will now display the logo of the company that sent the request, instead of the ‘theBOSSapp’ logo.
  • Permission Groups: Added a permission group that allows users to add, update, and delete credit cards.
  • Notifications: Improved the ‘New Licenses Added’ email by only showing updates.
  • Branches: Jobs displayed in the branch view are now sortable.
  • Support Requests: Added a ‘group’ filter to ticket types, allowing users to filter ticket types by ‘Groups,’ reducing confusion when adding ticket types.

Bug Fixes

  • Invoices: Fixed an issue where invoices would not load if an invoice had a deleted project.
  • Support Requests: Fixed an issue with support ticket jobs not creating the correct job number.
  • Documents: Fixed an issue that prevented users from adding permissions to files.
  • Calibrations: Fixed an issue causing calibration worksheets to fail if sheets had more than 19 custom fields.
  • Microsoft: Fixed issues causing licenses to be incorrectly taken away from people.
  • Approvals: Fixed an issue that caused approvals marked as ‘denied’ or ‘redo’ to not execute.