theBOSSapp updates 11/07/2022 – 05/08/2022


  • You can now make a generated job inside a custom job be a dependant of the parent
  • You can now add a branding theme to projects. This allows you to have your invoices look completely different for different projects
  • Add ability to have your organisation create authentication tokens. This allows you to access our API and build your own integrations into theBOSSapp


  • Added divisions and tracking sites to the ‘database’ dropdown in custom fields
  • You are now able to add ‘ordinary hours’ as a penalty rate
  • Add in allowance details to pay run
  • Project managers can now update project allowances
  • You can now see a ‘detailed’ view of your compliance metrics where you can see all the items that make up your score.
  • Staff competencies showing on your dashboard will now only show up a month before they are due, as they can occasionally be created long before they are due
  • You can now filter jobs by ‘invoice status’ in the jobs list and in the branch jobs list
  • Added the viewed by functionality to custom jobs
  • Add in an ‘allowances’ widget in the timesheet profile for approvers to see which allowances users are getting for a timesheet

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix issue causing purchases to show incorrect invoice numbers in project purchases
  • Fix issue that was making causing expense claims to be lost if they were added to a pay that had been deleted
  • Remove all approvals from staff competencies when they are deleted
  • Fix issue with adding skill levels to skills
  • Fix issue with compliance metrics getting competencies that had been cancelled
  • Group users will only show employs currently employed
  • Fix issue with ‘formula’ custom fields not calculating when other fields in the form are conditional
  • Fix issue occurring when adding productivity to a timesheet that didn’t have productivity before

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