Download Aggregate Data as a CSV

This new feature enables users to conveniently export a set of aggregate data from theBOSSapp in the widely accepted Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format.

This functionality provides a way to compile and analyze relevant data points while ensuring compatibility with various spreadsheet and data visualization tools.

As this is an advanced feature, please contact support for assistance with setup.

Add Charge Out to Project Equipment

The Equipment Charge-Out Rate feature is a simple tool for tracking rental rates and helps to automatically manage equipment costs across your entire project. Read more.


Productivity: Employees are permitted to log productivity on a job for up to two weeks after its status has been changed to closed or pending. This grace period is provided to ensure all work can be recorded before payroll processing occurs for that pay period.

Permission Groups: You can now give people permission to view Project Overviews / dashboards.

Noticeboard: Notifications now include the sender and post title in the subject line.

Management Dashboard: Extra details to management dashboard: Equipment rates, wages.

Bug Fixes

Aggregates: The date picker now correctly shows productivity for individual day selections.

Deliverables: When adding comments to a deliverable, the email notification now correctly adds a deliverable name and link.

Timesheets: Adding a leave request now ensures the correct year must be selected.

Jobs: When sending external job requests, the last filled out date now displays correctly.

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