theBOSSapp Updates 24/4/2023 – 28/4/2023


2 Factor Security. Read more.
Allowance by KM. You can now see the physical distance that a staff member travels to get to their project address. Read more.
Calendar Entries. ICS calendar files can be downloaded from projects. Read More.


Invoice Attachments. When sending an invoice, you now have the option to attached any linked documents.
Transfer Buttons for Timesheets. Timesheets can be transferred to another timesheet approver.
Tenders. Additional infomation fields have been added to improve the specification of requirements.
Delete Leave Requests. Leave requests that are awaiting approval can now be deleted.
Help. Support Requests has been added as a type in addition to Feature Requests and Bug reports.
Upload Templates Directly from Custom Jobs. This saves the step of having to go to Templates and uploading separately.
Purchase Orders. Branch managers and tracking site managers can add purchases to their branch.

Bug Fixes

Management Dashboards. Fixed an issue where wages weren’t syncing with pay-runs.
Invoice Emails. Fixed the display of text in overdue invoice emails.