theBOSSapp Updates 13/09/23

theBOSSapp Updates


Custom Calibration Notifications

Calibration notifications can now be customised if the default notice of two weeks in advance isn’t suitable. These settings determine how far in advance the calibration job is created and assigned to the equipment owner before the calibration is due. Read more.

Project Audit Tab

The Project Audit Tab keeps a history of any changes made to the details page of a project including any updates to the ‘Required Project Information’ section. Read more.


Timesheets: Employee timesheets can be downloaded via CSV.

Noticeboard: Photos and file attachments can now be added to noticeboard posts.

Noticeboard: The noticeboard now displays thumbnails for attached files.

Noticeboard: There is a dedicated noticeboard link in the main navigation under Dashboards –> Noticeboard.

Timesheets: Adding timesheets for staff whos role has ended is now possible.

Management Dashboard: Clicking on the WIP tile, on the table below is a toggle columns button that allows you to customise your columns. This selection will also apply to the exported CSV.

Bug Fixes

Notifications: Invoices sent out of theBOSSapp, when received by Microsoft Outlook, would convert the logo to an attachment. This has now been fixed to no longer occur.

Recurring Jobs: When using the date variable in the name of a recurring job’s deliverables, it previously didn’t work as expected. This issue has now been resolved.