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Calibration Units

When you add in a calibration for an equipment type you are able to select units in time or in custom units.

An example of this is if you have a car that needs to be serviced every 10,000kms, you can then add a calibration unit of ‘Kms’.

When you then add a car, you can add kms to it so that you can track when the calibration is required.

To view calibration units, go to 'Organisation' > 'Links' > 'Calibration Units'

To add a new calibration unit

  2. Click “Calibration Units”
  3. Type the name of calibration unti that you would like to add. E.g. Hours, Kms
  4. Click “Save”

Custom Calibration Notifications

Calibration notifications can be customised if the default notice of two weeks in advance isn’t suitable.

Selecting ‘Time’ in the ‘Frequency Units’ will display additional options in a section called ‘Customised Job Creation Deadline’.

These settings determine how far in advance the calibration job is created and assigned to the equipment owner before the calibration is due.

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