theBOSSapp Updates 24/06/24


  • Integrations: Loans will calculate loan payments and automatically make payments through the accounting integration.
  • Integrations: Equipment and equipment type groups now map to Xero “Asset Types” and “Assets”.
  • Purchase Orders: Add in the ability to have a purchase order have a ‘loan’ associated with it.


  • Support tickets: can now contain custom fields that are editable by the respective departments.
  • Calibrations: We have added the ability to assign ‘calibration approvers’ so that individual calibrations for a piece of equipment can be sent to a designated person.
  • Profile: When a user is removed, it will delete all of their upcoming leave requests, if they are currently on leave, it will shorten the leave request by the number of hours they have left.
  • User Credit Cards: Added expiry date and comments to credit cards.
  • Invoices: will now be sent via the organisations’ ‘accounts email’ if the organisation is linked to Microsoft.
  • Integrations: You are now able to sync ‘accounts’ into theBOSSapp from your accounting software.

Bug Fixes

  • Performance Reviews: Fixed visibility bug preventing staff performance reviews from showing on dashboards.
  • Soil Testing: Fixed an issue causing some test request worksheets to fail.
  • Support Tickets: Fix issue with comments not being seen on support requests.
  • Support Tickets: Ensured support tickets have a unique job number across all entities.
  • Projects: Updated calendar files (ICS) format generated by BOSS to work with the latest versions of Outlook.


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