Equipment Types and Calibrations/Services

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The equipment types feature is a crucial part of the equipment/asset management section of our software. It allows organisations to add in specific equipment types and manage them in a centralised place.

With this feature, you can easily track and manage all necessary calibrations and services required for each piece of equipment. This ensures that equipment is properly maintained, and the relevant services and calibrations are scheduled and carried out when needed.

Additionally, you can set a replacement value for each equipment type. This is helpful for insurance purposes, as it enables organisations to calculate the total value of their equipment and determine the amount of insurance coverage required.

By using the equipment types feature, organisations can more effectively manage their equipment, and reduce the risk of loss or damage due to inadequate maintenance.

Adding an Equipment Type

To add an equipment type, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Assets’ > ‘Equipment Types’
  2. Click ‘Add New Equipment Type’
  3. Fill the form, including any calibrations you wish to add
  4. Click ‘Save’.


The type of equipment such as a laptop or Holden Ute.


The equipment group that this type belongs to.

Replacement Value

The cost to replace the item.

Add Calibration

Setup a maintenance routine for the item.


Set how often the maintenance routine will run.

Deleting an Equipment Type

To delete an equipment type, follow these steps:

  2. Click “Equipment Types”
  3. Click on the Equipment type that you would like to delete.
  4. Click “Delete”
  5. Confirm “Delete”

Editing Calibrations/Services

If you would like to add in a custom form for your equipment calibrations/services, you can take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the equipment type you wish to edit a calibration/service for
  2. Click the ‘Calibrations’ tab
  3. Select the calibration you would like to edit
  4. From here you can add custom fields or edit the frequency

Please note, if the calibration does not have any custom fields associated to it, it will need a document uploaded to it to be considered complete.

Completing a Calibration/Service

In order to complete a calibration/service, you can navigate to the piece of equipment you wish to complete the service for and click the ‘Calibrations’ tab. From here you can click into the appropriate calibration.

Once you have either filled the required custom fields or uploaded a file, you will have to click ‘Mark calibration complete’. Once this has happened, the appropriate approver will be asked to approve the calibration.

Calibration/Services Approvals

When adding a calibration, you are able to mark whether or not an approval is required in order for it to be considered complete.

If an approval is required, the approval will go to one of two people. If there is no ‘manager’ associated to the equipment, the leader of the ‘Equipment’ group, will be asked to approve the calibration. If there is a ‘manager’ associated to it, the manager will be asked to approve the calibration.

They are able to transfer this approval to another member of staff, if the person asked to approve the calibration is not the appropriate person to do so.

Once the calibration has been approved (or straight away if it doesn’t require an approval) it will create the next required calibration.

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Equipment Types and Calibrations/Services

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