Working with Invoices

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Adding an Invoice

To add an invoice, navigate to the project you wish to add an invoice to and go to the ‘invoices’ page.

From here you can click ‘Add Invoice’ and you will be taken to the newly created invoice page.

Adding Line Items to an Invoice

The line items that make up an invoice are taken from deliverable line items that are associated to the invoice.

The deliverables you are able to add to an invoice depend on the account of the client.

For clients that are cash on delivery you are able to add deliverables for jobs that are not yet marked as complete.

If the client has an account, you must have marked the job as complete before adding it to an invoice.

To add deliverables to the invoice, select the deliverables from the dropdown and click save.

You can also click the ‘Add all’ button to add all un invoiced deliverables.

Deleting Deliverables from an Invoice

To delete a deliverable from an invoice, select the deliverable in the table and click ‘Delete Deliverables’.

Please note that you are not able to delete deliverables from an invoice that has been marked as ‘complete’ or if it is currently ‘requested’ to be invoiced.

Seeing an Overview of the Invoice

To see an overview of the invoice, click the ‘overview’ tab. This will show a summary of all items in the invoice.

Changing the Layout of an Invoice

The invoicing overview offers the functionality to toggle line items by either jobs or deliverables. To switch between the two modes, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the invoicing section within the software.
  2. Locate the “Toggle Line Items” option in the toolbar or settings.
  3. Select either “Jobs” or “Deliverables” to organize line items accordingly.

Requesting an Invoice

Once you are happy with the invoice, you can ‘request’ that it be invoiced. Once the invoice has been requested, you are able to mark it as complete.

Sending an Invoice

Click the ‘Send Invoice’ button to send an invoice to a client. This will attach the invoice to an email and send it through to selected emails.

Please note that if you are integrated to an accounting software, it will pull the invoice pdf from the integration, and will not be the invoice template your organisation has set up.

Deleting an Invoice

Only admins, members of the accounting team and the person who raised the invoice are able to delete the invoice. Invoices that have deliverables associated to them aren’t able to be deleted. You are also not able to delete an invoice if it has been marked as complete.

Syncing Client Changes on Invoices

When changing the client on a project, certain changes will be made automatically to invoices:

  • Invoices with statuses of ‘Invoice Not Requested‘ will update to the new client.
  • Invoices with statuses of ‘Invoiced‘ and ‘Paid‘ will retain the client name from the time they inherit those statuses.
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Working with Invoices

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