theBOSSapp Updates 6/2/2023 – 10/2/2023

See updates for theBOSSapp including bug fixes and the ability to copy over recurring jobs, saving you time and effort.

theBOSSapp updates 13/02/2023 – 17/02/2023

Updates include new tender register, performance gains and updated UX to help the efficiency of your organisation.

Shared Documents Release

See information about our new 'Shared Documents' feature that allows users to share documents in a secure way with external clients.

theBOSSapp Updates 08/08/2022 – 26/08/2022

Improvements: Add ability to filter equipment in custom jobs Add ability to duplicate custom field Add ‘Approve and Send’ button to invoices so that they will be sent directly to clients Add ability to write custom code as a value

Changes to Productivity Logging

Hi all, Please note that we have just pushed a change to productivity logging. Now, when you add breaks to your timesheet, they will automatically get put onto your productivity tracker. You can only edit the size of the productivity

theBOSSapp updates 11/07/2022 – 05/08/2022

Features: Improvements: Bug Fixes:

theBOSSapp Updates 27/06/2022 – 08/07/2022

Improvements: Add people viewed feature to clients, deliverables and invoices You can now see what email invites were sent to. Improve performance of fetching pays in pay run by ~9x Improve performance of project manager report by ~10x Bug Fixes

theBOSSapp updates 13/06/2022 – 24/06/2022

Improvements: You can now filter out ‘archived’ and ‘non archived’ purchases in the project purchase tab You can now transfer calibration approvals to different people When an organisation has more than 1 file uploaded to the docket template, they are

IMPORTANT – Domain Change

Hi everyone, You may have noticed today that the domain for theBOSSapp has changed. When you go to, you will now be redirected to We have done this as we intend to put our marketing site on the

theBOSSapp updates 23/05/2021 – 10/06/2022

Features: There is now a ‘leave’ tab in the branch profile. This will show all leave that the branch has, helping staff to ensure that there is always adequate resources when tendering jobs. Improvements: You can now filter jobs by