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theBOSSapp updates 09/05/2022 – 13/05/2022

Improvements: Admins can now delete staff competencies. Penalty rates now have names in order to help identify them If you log into an organisation and you don’t have a staff role, you will no longer receive reminders to input a

theBOSSapp updates 03/05/2022 – 06/05/2022

Features: You are now able to mark documents in the documents page as being a template. When you mark the document as being a template, you can put in all the standard variables to it and when you download the

theBOSSapp updates 26/04/2022 – 29/04/2022

Features: You are now able to add ‘templates’ to custom jobs. With templates, you can template out other jobs to be created from your job, for example, if you need a follow up call with a client after you complete