theBOSSapp Updates 1/12/23


SharePoint Integration: As part of our ongoing efforts to improve theBOSSapp, we have integrated SharePoint into our system. This integration will enable smoother project creation and document management by automatically syncing your files between theBOSSapp and SharePoint. Read more.


  • Groups: Members of the IT group can now remove 2FA from staff members accounts. Read more.
  • Purchase Orders: The date of the purchase order can now be manually defined instead of being automatically set by the system. Read more.
  • Clients: On the new client form, the ‘Request Account’ toggle remains hidden until an ABN is entered.
  • Jobs: On the new job screen, the project in which the job will be created will now be displayed.
  • Cancelling Employment: The system will now verify if the staff member is a group leader and require reassignment of the leader before proceeding.
  • Outlook Add In: When the subject line contains a project or tender number, the add-in will suggest this in the sidebar.
  • Test Requests: Samples can be added to Purchase Orders directly from the Tests tab.
  • Branches: The projects layout in the branch view now displays as a table, offering improved information density.
  • Clients & Suppliers: Both now feature a new ‘Contacts’ tab to log associated contact details.
  • Purchase Orders: The search bar in ‘Projects –> Purchases’ now enables searching by descriptions.
  • Microsoft Integration: The ‘Manager’ field on a staff member’s primary employment detail is now used to build out the organisational tree in your connected Microsoft account.
  • Metadata: The addition of a metadata button on projects, tenders, clients, and suppliers displays the details of who created the records and when, along with who made updates and the timing of these changes.
  • Business Titles: When using the Microsoft Integration, your email signature can display your job title as defined in the new ‘Business Title’ field, instead of automatically using your position name. Read more.

Bug Fixes

  • Pay Runs: Fix issue with deleted pay expense claims not being added to new pay runs.
  • Noticeboard: Attachments can now be previewed without downloading them first.
  • Project Overview tab: Speed optimisation on larger projects to prevent timeouts.

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