The Microsoft User Data Integration

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The Initial Setup

The following tutorial goes through Connecting theBOSSapp to your Microsoft account, choosing which roles sync and setting your email address format.

Adding a New User

This tutorial describes how to setup a new user in theBOSSapp and the additional steps taken in the Microsoft Admin Portal.

Custom Job Titles

Once you have theBOSSapp integrated with Microsoft, there is now a field on Employment Details called Title that lets you type in the staff members job title which overrides using their position name.

The email signatures will pull in the title from the staff members employment detail that has been designated as their primary role:

If a staff member doesn’t have a business title, their email signature will fall back to using their position name as their job title in their email signature.

Changes to Business Titles may take up to 24 hours to sync across to email signatures.

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The Microsoft User Data Integration

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