Purchase Orders

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The ‘Purchase Orders’ section of our platform allows users to create purchase orders to send to suppliers. A purchase order is a request from a buyer to a supplier to purchase specific goods or services at a specified price and within a specific time frame.

The purpose of a purchase order is to clearly outline the terms of a purchase transaction, including the items or services being purchased, the quantities, the price, and the delivery date. It also serves as a legal document that outlines the obligations of both the buyer and the supplier.

Creating purchase orders in our platform allows users to keep track of their purchasing activities, ensuring that they are able to keep track of what they have purchased, from whom, and for how much. Additionally, by creating purchase orders, users are able to receive invoices from suppliers that match the details outlined in their purchase order, which makes it easier to reconcile payments and keep accurate financial records.

Creating a Purchase Order

In our platform, the purchase order has 3 phases that it goes through in order to be considered complete.

1. Creation and sending of a purchase order

In the first stage, a staff member that needs to create a purchase order will fill out the form in order to create one. They are then able to download a pdf of the purchase order from a template and mark the purchase order as ‘sent’.

2. Receiving an invoice from the supplier

Once the purchase order has been marked as sent and an invoice is received from a supplier, a member of the accounting group will navigate to the purchase order and upload the purchase invoice to the purchase order.

3. Approval of invoice by original purchase order requester

Once the purchase invoice has been uploaded, the person who created the purchase order will be required to view the purchase invoice and ensure that it is all correct. If there are any discrepancies between the original purchase order and the invoice, the purchaser will be required to add a reason as to why this is. Once this has been completed, the purchase order is marked as ‘ready to be billed’.

The purchaser can then also go into the purchase order and mark is as ‘received’ once it has been.

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Purchase Orders

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