The Microsoft SharePoint Integration

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Creating a Project

To start, create a project in theBOSSapp.

Links in Project Details Banner

Once the project is created, two icons will be visible in the project details banner:

  • Teams Icon: Clicking this will launch the project within Microsoft Teams.
  • Sync Icon: Selecting this initiates the synchronization of the project with your OneDrive account.

Notifications and Display in Teams

  • A notification will appear in Teams indicating the newly created team.
  • The project will also be displayed in the ‘Teams’ tab of your Microsoft Teams window.

File Syncing

  • Files and folders uploaded to the ‘Project Documents’ section in theBOSSapp will automatically synchronize with the ‘General’ channels folder in SharePoint.

Job Folders

  • By default, a ‘Jobs’ folder is automatically created in both theBOSSapp and SharePoint.
  • Creating a job in theBOSSapp will generate corresponding subfolders in both platforms.
    • Example: A job named ‘Concrete Slab’ in theBOSSapp will also result in a subfolder being created in SharePoint, called ‘J_1 – Concrete Slab’.
  • Files added to a job’s ‘Documents’ tab in theBOSSapp will automatically synchronize with that job’s corresponding sub folder in SharePoint, and vice versa.

User Permissions

  • The project manager in theBOSSapp will own the SharePoint site.
  • Staff members on the project in theBOSSapp will have shared access to the SharePoint site.
  • While staff members are restricted from deleting the ‘Jobs’ folder, project managers have the capability to do so due to Microsoft’s technical limitations. Be aware that deleting or renaming this folder will break the sync between SharePoint and theBOSSapp.

Additional Notes

  • Real-time collaborative editing of files is only available in Teams/SharePoint.
  • Sync time is generally quick but can take up to a minute.
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The Microsoft SharePoint Integration

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