Tutorial: Progress Claims

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Managing billing for progress claims doesn’t have to be a complex process. TheBOSSapp streamlines this by letting you create projects, line-item jobs, and even specify deliverables for each job. This guide walks you through the essentials to get you up and running.

Quick Steps

Create a Project

Creating a project is your first step in managing billing for progress claims.

  1. Go to Registers: Click on the “REGISTERS” tab in your dashboard.
  2. Select Projects: Once in the “REGISTERS” section, click on “Projects.”
  3. Add New Project: You will see an “Add new project” button. Click on it.
  4. Name Your Project: You will need to give your project a name.
  5. Choose a Client: From the dropdown, select the client you are working with.
  6. Select an Industry: Choose the relevant industry from another dropdown menu.
  7. Assign a Project Manager: Decide who will manage this project and select them.
  8. Purchase Order Number: Enter the purchase order number related to this project.
  9. Estimate Project Value: Provide the estimated value of the entire project.
  10. Schedule It: Specify both the start and finish date of the project.
  11. Location: Input the address where the project will occur.
  12. Save: Finally, click the “Save” button to store all the details.

Create your Jobs

Each job you create will act as a line item in your progress claims.

  1. Navigate to Jobs: Click on the “Jobs” tab.
  2. Create a New Job: Click the button that says “CREATE A NEW JOB.”
  3. Select Job Type: From the dropdown, choose the type of job you are creating.
  4. Name the Job: Provide a name that will act as the line item in your billing.
  5. Select Branch: Assign the branch responsible for the work.
  6. Responsible Person: Assign a person to oversee this specific job.
  7. Estimated Value: Enter the estimated monetary value of this job.
  8. Set Timeline: Just like the project, set a start and finish date for this job.
  9. Save: Don’t forget to save your changes.

Add Deliverables to each Job

  1. Go Back to Jobs: Navigate back to the “Jobs” section.
  2. Select Job: Click into the job you wish to add deliverables to.
  3. Create Deliverables: Here you can define various stages or milestones.

By following these high-level steps, you can set up your projects, line items, and deliverables all under one platform.

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Tutorial: Progress Claims

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