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The ‘Leave’ feature in our platform allows for seamless management of time-off requests and approvals for employees. With this feature, employees can easily request leave and have their supervisor review and approve or reject the request. This makes it simple for staff to plan their time away from work while ensuring that the work can continue smoothly and that there are no unexpected gaps in staffing.

Requesting Leave

To request leave, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Timesheets’ tab in your profile
  2. Click the ‘Request Leave’ button
  3. Fill the form out and click ‘save’

When a leave request is submitted, the request will then be sent to their supervisor for review. The supervisor can either approve the request, which will add the time-off to the employee’s schedule, or reject it. If the request is rejected, the employee will be able to see the reason for rejection and can resubmit the request if necessary.

View all leave for a branch

Organisations are also provided with the option to view all approved leave for a specific branch in the branch’s profile. This provides an overview of leave taken by employees at that particular branch, making it easier to plan and manage resources accordingly. By having all the leave information in one place, organisations can have a better understanding of the availability of their staff and make informed decisions.

The ‘Leave’ feature is an essential tool for ensuring that employee time-off requests are handled efficiently and effectively. By streamlining the process and keeping all information in one central location, it makes it easier for managers to keep track of time-off requests and for employees to plan and take their time-off with confidence.

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