CPIR Categories and Types

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To view a CPIR types

To view a CPIR types, go to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Links’ > ‘CPIR Types’

Adding a CPIR type

To add a CPIR type, go to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Links’ > ‘CPIR Types’ > ‘Add’

Risk Matrix Required

Notify group of CPIR

CPIR Type Form

Please refer to Custom Jobs for information on how to build a CPIR type form.


To view a CPIR categories

To view CPIR categories, go to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Links’ > ‘CPIR Categories’

Adding a CPIR category

To add a CPIR category, go to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Links’ > ‘CPIR Categories’ > ‘Add’

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CPIR Categories and Types

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