Skills and Skill Categories

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The Skills and Skill Categories feature allows organizations to manage and track the job-specific skills and qualifications of their employees. This feature helps organizations ensure that all their employees have the required skills and qualifications to perform their job duties effectively.

Skills are grouped under skill category to help organise them.

Adding a Skill Category.

To add a skill category, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Organisation’ > ‘HR’ > ‘Licences/Registration/Qualification’
  2. Click “Add New Licence/Registration/Qualification”
  3. Fill the form and click “Save”

Adding a Skill to a Skill Category

To add a skill to a skill category, take the following steps

  1. Navigate to ‘Organisation’ > ‘HR’ > ‘Skill Categories’
  2. Navigate to skill category you wish to add a skill to
  3. Click the ‘Skills’ tab
  4. Click the ‘Add Skill’ button
  5. Fill the form and click ‘Save’

Building out Custom Forms for a Skill Level

For each skill level that’s associated to a skill, you are able to build out a custom form for your staff to fill in.

This can be handy for things such as performance reviews.

If you do not have a form set up for a skill level, the staff member will be required to upload a document in order to mark the competency as ‘complete’.

To build a custom form for a skill level, navigate to the skill and select it to open up the edit dialog box.

Next to the title of each skill level you will see a ‘View Profile’ link.

From here you are able to edit the skill level and add a custom form to it

Skill Notification Timeframes

  • For annual or longer renewal periods, notifications will appear on the dashboard one month before the renewal date.
  • For renewals occurring less than annually, such as quarterly, notifications will be displayed one week in advance.
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Skills and Skill Categories

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