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The equipment section of the software is where you can track individual pieces of equipment in your organization. You can add new equipment, view existing equipment, and manage their calibrations and assignments.

Once an equipment is added, you can manage its calibrations by clicking the “Calibrations” tab.

The equipment section also allows you to keep track of all the branches where the equipment has been assigned to and the reasons for the assignment changes.

In addition, calibrations are due, allowing you to easily stay on top of your equipment’s maintenance schedule.

Overall, the equipment section of the software is an essential tool for managing and maintaining your organization’s equipment, helping to ensure that it stays in good condition and operates efficiently.

Adding a Piece of Equipment

To add equipment, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Equipment register
  2. Click ‘Add new Equipment’
  3. Fill the form and click ‘Save’.

When adding a piece of equipment there are a few fields which require further explanation.


The project field allows you to put your equipment in to a specific project. Please note that this field is not required but is useful if you would like to see an overview of all resources that are being used for a specific project. You can also view all equipment associated to a project in the project profile under the ‘Equipment’ tab.

The system will also keep a history of all projects a piece of equipment has been associated to. This gives organisations an immediate overview of what the equipment should have been billed to and when.


If you assign a manager to a piece of equipment, any calibration approvals will be sent to the person assigned.

Adding Extra Equipment Fields

Admins for organisations are also able to add in extra equipment fields for every piece of equipment that gets added. This is useful if the organisation requires more information than the default form provided by theBOSSapp.

To add extra equipment fields, navigate to the equipment page and click ‘Equipment Custom Fields’.

From here you can add any extra fields required.

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