ChatGPT Prompts in Custom Jobs

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ChatGPT can assist in custom jobs by using a ‘prompt’ field, allowing you to get insights, save time and improve your communication.

To add a ChatGPT Prompt to a custom job:

  2. Click “Custom Jobs”
  3. Select the custom job that you would like to add a ChatGPT prompt to.
  4. Click “Fields”
  5. From the ‘Type’ dropdown, choose a ‘Prompt’ field type.
  6. In the “Name” field, type the action that you would like ChatGPT to take. For example, “write an inspection report”.
  7. In the “Prompt” field, enter the field variables from your custom job that you would like ChatGPT to have access to for this particular query.
  8. Tip! You can look up variable names by opening your custom job in ‘Templates’ and referencing them from the right-hand side column.
  9. For more infomation on templates, click here

To use a ChatGPT Prompt in a job:

  1. Click “Projects” and open the project containing your ChatGPT job.
  2. Click “Jobs”.
  3. Open the Job.
  4. Run the Job.
  5. Click “Generate Response” to send your query to ChatGPT based on the information currently entered into your custom job.
  6. You can also click the “Chat” button to further your conversation with ChatGPT or reference your chat history.

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ChatGPT Prompts in Custom Jobs

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