Licences, Registrations and Qualifications

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The “Licences, Registrations, and Qualifications” section of the software is designed to help organizations keep track of the important credentials and certifications held by their staff. With this feature, organizations can add and manage all relevant licenses, registrations, and qualifications. These can then be used to create “competencies” to ensure that all staff members have the necessary credentials and that they remain up to date. The software also generates reminders to help keep track of expiration dates and keep the information current. This feature is essential in ensuring that the organization remains compliant with industry regulations and standards.

Adding a Licence/Registration/Qualification

To add a licence/registration/qualification follow these steps:

  1. Fo to ‘Organisation’ > ‘HR’ > ‘Licences/Registrations/Qualifications’
  2. Click ‘Add New Licence/Registration/Qualification’
  3. Fill the form and click ‘Save’

Editing a Licence/Registration/Qualification

To edit a licence/registration/qualification follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the licence/registration/qualification you wish to edit
  2. Make necessary changes and click ‘Save’
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Licences, Registrations and Qualifications

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