Public Holidays

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Our project management platform has a feature that allows you to manage public holidays for your organisation. This feature is designed to help you keep track of public holidays and how they impact the work schedules of your employees. With this feature, you can create public holidays and assign them to specific tracking sites, which makes it easy to manage and keep track of holiday schedules across your organisation.

Adding a Public Holiday

How to add a Public Holiday:

  1. Go to the “Public Holidays” section of the platform
  2. Click on the “Add Public Holiday” button
  3. Enter the name of the holiday, the date it will occur, and select the tracking site it will be assigned to
  4. Save the holiday by clicking the “Save” button

When a public holiday is added, the platform will automatically create a special “Public Holiday” timesheet for that day for all employees assigned to the selected tracking site. This allows you to keep track of the holiday hours for each employee, making it easier to manage payroll and other related tasks.

Manually Creating all Timesheets

Public Holidays will create all required timesheets the morning of the public holiday. There are reasons that you may wish to manually create the timesheets. These include having the timesheets done before the public holiday or the public holiday was created after the actual public holiday occurred.

If you need to create the timesheets manually for any reason You are able to manually create the timesheets for the public holidays by navigating to the public holiday in the list and clicking ‘Create Timesheets’.

Manually Creating Individual Timesheets

If there are any timesheets that didn’t get created in the public holiday but should have, due to the reasons in the alerts above, you can manually create individual timesheets as well.

You can only do this after the timesheets have been created for the public holiday.

To do this, click on the public holiday you wish to add a timesheet to and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You will see a list of all users associated to the tracking sites that are part of the public holiday, here you can click the ‘create timesheet’ button.

Some reasons why an individual timesheet may need to be created:

  • The employee moves to another branch without default branch being updated.
  • The employee works part time, as the system will need to know if they ended up working the public holiday.

Public Holiday Timesheet Approvers

To manually reassign to another timesheet approver:

  1. From your home screen, click into your list of outstanding approvals.
  2. Click into one of the timesheets with outstanding approvals.
  3. Click the “Transfer Approval” button.
  4. Select a timesheet approver that you would like to transfer the approval to.
  5. Click “Save”
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Public Holidays

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