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A docket is a document or record used to track and manage work that has been completed at a construction site or any other work environment. When signing off on work that has been completed on site, a docket is used to confirm that the work has been finished to the specified standards and that it meets the requirements of the contract.

By having a clear and accurate record of the work that has been completed, dockets can help ensure that there is no dispute over the quality or completeness of the work, and they can also serve as a reference for future work that may need to be done on the site.

Dockets can be attached to Deliverables and Jobs.

Dockets can contain deliverables across multiple Jobs within the same Project.

To view dockets, go to ‘Registers’ > ‘Dockets’

Creating a Docket

Follow the steps below to create a docket:

  1. Click “Registers”
  2. Click “Dockets”
  3. Click “Add New Docket”
  4. Select the associated Project.
  5. Choose the Technician responsible for supervising the work documented in the docket.
  6. Choose the Jobs from which you want to import the associated deliverables.
  7. Request that the client provide their signature using the signature pad.
  8. Fill in the “Signatory Name” field.
  9. Click “Add Email”
  10. “Complete the “Name” and “Email” fields for each recipient you wish to send the docket to.”
  11. Click “Save”

If you see a message stating ‘No Docket Items Found‘ when attempting to add a Docket to a Project, please make sure that there are deliverables associated with the Project and that they have been priced accordingly.

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