Chart of Accounts

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You can see your chart of accounts by going to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Links’ > ‘Chart of Accounts’

As theBOSSapp allows you to invoice and add purchases, you will required a chart of accounts.

The accounts also come with extra functionality as well as tracking where different purchases go in you organisation.

When adding a new chart of account, along with all the typical information of an account, you also have some other options available to you.

Adding an Account

Editing an Account

Deleting an Account


Check this if you would like the account to be able to have payments associated to it.

Purchase Order:

Check this if you would like the account to be able to have purchase order associated to it.

Expense Claim:

Check this if you would like the account to be able to have an expense claim associated to it.

Sales Account:

This is the account that will be considered the ‘Sales Account’.

The sales accounts is the account that gets associated to invoices when you sync to an accounting program, such as Xero.

There is only able to be one sales account. If you already have a sales account and you add a new one, the old one will be removed.

Budget Control:

Check this if you want purchases attributed to this account be blocked if they are over budget.

Updating Accounts:

To update an account, in the table, double click the field you would like to edit, edit to the value you want and click onto a different section on the page.

Default Sales Account

Please note that when using external accounting software, e.g. Xero, you will have to mark an account as a ‘sales account’ so that sales are credited correctly. You can do this by marking an account as ‘Sales Account’.

Please note, you are only able to have one sales account, so if you mark a different account as a sales account, the previous sales account will not considered a sales account anymore.

For additional information on chart of accounts, please see here.

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Chart of Accounts

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