‘General’ Settings

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The general settings tab allows you to customize how the application works for your organisation.

The settings are as follows:

Show Reminders when users log in

Turn off all reminders shown to users when logged in, this includes overdue approvals, overdue jobs, overdue projects, unsubmitted timesheets, etc.

Jobs Require Deliverables

When selected, jobs won’t be able to be marked as ‘complete’ if they do not have a deliverable associated to them. This ensures that all jobs created have deliverables that can be sent to clients.

Send staff birthday reminders to HR

When selected, members of the ‘HR’ will receive an email whenever there are members of staff who’s birthday is the next day. This allows HR to make sure that pay rates are being kept in line with national standards, it also ensures no one’s birthday gets forgotten!

Send Productivity Updates

When selected, project and job managers will get an overview every day of productivity added to their projects/jobs. This helps ensure that project costs don’t get out of control and also ensures that staff are putting productivity into the correct jobs and projects.

Have Clients Sign up Themselves

When this setting is turned on, when you add a client, instead of your organisation filling out all of the client details, an email will be sent to the client for them to fill out all of their details. You will not be able to create any projects for the client until they have filled out the details.

This setting can be useful for larger organisations to ensure that all client details are filled out correctly and nothing gets missed.

Prefix Settings

There are multiple ‘prefix settings’ that allow you to customize how things are numbered in your organisation. Prefix settings are in the form of {prefix}/{padding amount}. So, for example, if you wanted your projects to be numbers ACME/001, ACME/002, etc, your ‘Project Prefix’ would be ACME/XXX. For most prefixes, you may also specify a ‘Starts At’ number. This is helpful if you already have a numbering system in place before joining theBOSSapp.

Please note that if you change any prefix settings, the number will restart to 1 or the number that the setting ‘Starts At’.

Send Equipment Notifications To

The staff selected in here will be sent notifications of upcoming calibrations. These people will generally be equipment managers.

Notify Users of Branch Manager Change

Staff selected here will be notified when a branch manager is changed. This helps ensure that the appropriate stakeholders will be across these changes.

Budget Approver

The user that is required to approve new budgets and changes to budgets.

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‘General’ Settings

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