The Noticeboard

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The Noticeboard is a convenient space for centralised team communication within theBOSSapp.

Creating a New Noticeboard Post

  1. Start on the homescreen: Look for the section labeled ‘Noticeboard’.
  2. Add a Post: Click on the ‘Add Notice’ button to create a new post.


  • Email Alerts: When you create a new post, an email notification will automatically be sent to all users to keep them updated.

Attaching Files

  • Supported Files: You can attach files like PDFs and Word documents to your post. This can be helpful for sharing documents that everyone needs to review.


  • Comments: Users have the ability to comment on posts. This is a great way to gather quick feedback or clarify any points made in the original post.
  • Likes: Users can also ‘like’ a post, serving as a quick indicator of approval or acknowledgment.

Managing Your Posts

  • Deleting a Post: If you want to remove a post, click on the menu button represented by three dots usually located at the corner of the post. From there, you’ll see an option to delete the post.
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The Noticeboard

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