Required Project Information

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The ‘Required Project Information’ feature in theBOSSapp is designed to ensure that organizations have all the necessary information when working on larger projects.

This feature allows users to define extra fields that need to be filled out in a project based on the project’s estimated value.

    Adding Required Project Infomation

    To define the required fields, go to “Organisation” > “Links” > “Required Project Information” in the navigation menu.

    Click on the “Add New” button to create.

    Specify the range of estimated project values for which these fields should be required and the fields needed to be filled.

    Filling in Required Project Infomation

    When creating a new project, fill out the estimated project value field. Based on the amount entered, the specified fields defined in the ‘Required Project Information‘ feature will appear at the bottom of the project form.

    View Required Fields in Project Details: The required fields for a project can be viewed in the project details page.

    By using the ‘Required Project Information‘ feature, organisations can ensure that they have all the necessary information for larger projects and make informed decisions.

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    Required Project Information

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