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The Tender job type is used to add tenders to an organization. When creating a tender job, you will be required to fill in the total tender price, which is the amount you’ll charge for the work, and upload a quote. Once this is complete, you can mark the tender as ‘submitted’.

If the tender is successful, you can click the ‘mark tender as successful‘ button and then be prompted to create either a project or job from the tender with all the necessary information filled out from the tender information.

If the tender is unsuccessful, you can click the ‘mark tender as unsuccessful‘ button, and you’ll be asked to provide a reason why the tender was unsuccessful. You can also upload supporting evidence. This information can be useful for future reference, especially when trying to avoid making the same mistakes in future tender applications.

The tender job type can also be used to track the status of the tender, such as the date it was submitted, the date it was won or lost, and any other relevant details. This allows organizations to keep track of their tender process and ensure that all necessary information is captured and documented.

Adding a Tender

As a tender is just a special workflow for a job, you add it the same as a normal job and just select the ‘Tender (standard)’ job type. See here for information about adding a job.

Download Tenders

To download Tender infomation:

  • Navigate to app.thebossapp.com.au/home
  • Click “REGISTERS”
  • Click “Tenders”
  • Click the download button.
  • The file will be downloaded to your computer as an Excel file.

Tender Lifecycle

A tender will go through the following lifecycle:

  • Created
  • Submitted
  • Completed
As the status of the tender changes, so too will the job name. In order to move the tender into the next phase of the lifecycle, you have to complete certain steps. These steps are explained in the tender profile as you move through each phase.

Confidential Tenders

Tenders can now be marked as confidential. Confidential tenders can only be viewed by the tender manager and any staff who are part of the tender.

Administrators and any people who are members of the ‘Business Development’ group are also able to view confidential tenders.

Filtering Tenders by Branch

Tenders can be viewed and filtered by their Branch association.

This is located by navigating to:

  1. Registers
  2. Branches
  3. Click into the desired branch
  4. Click the new Tenders tab:

This view also includes two additional filters to help further sort through your branch’s tenders:

  • Overdue
  • Cancelled
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