Employment Details

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Employment Details refer to a set of information related to a particular employee, such as their position, pay, and location. This information helps in managing and tracking the employment details of all employees in an organization.

Add an Employment Detail

Go to “Organisation” > “HR” > “Employment Details”.

Click the ‘+’ button.

When adding details, you are able to also add roles. This can help with knowing what some one is required to do within their job.

You are also able to select the basis which they will be employed (full time, part time, etc).

Fill the form and click ‘Save’.

Adding a Role to an Employment Detail

When adding a role to an employment detail, if no roles are available for selection, please verify that a role has been set up for the employee’s division beforehand.

You can add a new role and any required competencies by visiting this link and clicking the ‘Add New Role‘ button: https://app.thebossapp.com.au/organisation-roles.

Student Placement Employment Basis

There is a ‘Student Placement’ employment basis option. This is special as timesheets added to these employment details will not get added to pay runs. This position is used for students who are required to do a certain number of hours for their courses. It allows them to add in timesheets as usual to track how many hours they have completed, but will not get paid.

Start and End Date

When filling the employment details, you can specify a start and end date for them. In general, when a person finishes their employment, it’s best to just add an ‘end date’, instead of deleting the details. This way you can easily keep track of the history of your employment details.

Adding Holds

If there is any reason that you would like a user to not be able to put a timesheet in for a specific employment detail, you can add a ‘hold’ to it. The user won’t be able to add a timesheet to the detail until the hold has been lifted.

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Employment Details

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