Custom Job Templates

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Custom jobs are also able to have document and email templates associated to them.

Please click here to view the documentation for document templates, and here for documentation on email templates.

When you have added a template for a custom job, you can fill the template from the form data filled by clicking ‘Download’ and either hovering over, pdf or word, and selecting the template to use.

To add a template to a custom job, follow these steps:

  2. Click “Templates”
  3. In Templates, Add a new template and select the custom job that you previously setup.
  4. Upload your template document in Microsoft Word format & click save.

To download a document based on your Job Template, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Projects” and select the job that you would like to download the templated document from.
  2. Click “Jobs”
  3. Click into a completed job.
  4. Click “Go to Weekly Check In”
  5. Click “DOWNLOAD” and choose between Word or PDF format.
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Custom Job Templates

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