Branches, Divisions and Tracking Sites

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theBOSSapp allows you to split your organisation into the different sections.

These different sections allow you to track jobs in different sections of your organisation, this allows for a more granular overview of your organisation when looking at financials.

The sections are as follows:


Divisions are the different categories of operations that your organisation undertakes, for example, ‘Engineering’, ‘Administration’, etc.

To add a new division go to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Links’ > ‘Divisions’ > ‘Add New Division’

Tracking Sites:

Tracking sites are your office locations.

To add a new tracking site, go to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Links’ > ‘Tracking Site’ > ‘Add New Tracking Site’


A branch is a combination of a tracking site and division, for example, ‘Sydney – Engineering’, ‘Sydney – Administration’, ‘Melbourne – Engineering’, etc.

To add a new branch go to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Branches’ > ‘Add new Branch’

You are also able to assign staff and equipment to branches, this can be useful when looking at exactly what resources you have at certain branches.

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Branches, Divisions and Tracking Sites

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