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I can’t upload an image or file to theBOSSapp on an Apple iOS device?

Please go into Safari first and open theBOSSapp, instead of using a homescreen shortcut.

theBOSSapp doesnt accept the code generated by my 2 Factor Authentication App?

Ensure the time on the device hosting your authenticator is precise. If possible, allow the time to be automatically updated.

My new employee is only seeing the basic parts of theBOSSapp (Jobs & Timesheets)?

If a new starter isn’t seeing the components they should, please check if their employment date is set to the current day and, if so, change it to the day before. A UTC bug might be causing a delay in the system updating properly.

My employee isn’t getting a timesheet automatically created?

Only employees that have a full time employment status will have timesheets created automatically.

My purchase order wont save?

Ensure there is an account in the chart of accounts that is marked for Purchase Orders.

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