Internal and Confidential Projects

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Our project management platform allows you to mark your projects as Internal and Confidential. Understanding these these two categories of projects is important to make the most of our platform.

Internal Projects

Internal projects are those that don’t have a client attached to them.

They are typically used for internal tasks, such as strategic growth goals and administration.

Confidential Projects

Confidential projects are those that are only visible to users who are associated with the project.

By default, all users can see all projects, but with confidential projects, visibility is restricted to users who have a specific relationship to the project.

A user is considered associated with a project if they are one of the following:

  • The project manager
  • A staff member of the project
  • A job manager of one of the project’s jobs
  • A staff member of one of the project’s jobs

By using the Internal and Confidential project types, you can better manage the visibility and privacy of your projects, ensuring that only relevant information is visible to the right people.

Marking a Project as ‘Internal’ of ‘Confidential’

To mark a project as internal of confidential, you can toggle the ‘Internal’ and ‘Confidential’ toggles when creating or editing a project.

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Internal and Confidential Projects

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