Tender Types

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The tender types feature allows you to create custom tender types that have extra fields associated with them. These fields are defined by your organisation and can be added to the tender form when creating a new tender.

When creating a new tender, you can select the appropriate tender type and the associated fields will be appended to the form. This allows you to capture extra data that might be specific to that type of tender.

For example, you might have a tender type for construction projects that includes fields for the number of floors, the type of foundation, and other relevant construction details. Alternatively, you might have a tender type for software development projects that includes fields for programming languages, frameworks, and other technical details.

By using tender types, you can tailor the tender form to your specific needs and ensure that you capture all the relevant information for each type of project.

Adding a Tender Type

To add a tender type, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Organisation’ > ‘Operational Details’ > ‘Tender Types’
  2. Click ‘Add New Tender Type’
  3. Fill the name form and click ‘Save’
  4. From here, you can go into the specific tender type and add any extra fields required
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Tender Types

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