Client Accounts

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The account feature allows organizations to set up a credit account for clients. This means that clients can have a certain amount of money owed to the organization before their account becomes overdue. This feature makes it easier for clients to work with the organization, as they can be invoiced for multiple projects and pay the balance in one transaction.

Requesting an Account

Generally, project managers who deal with the client will request an account for them as they are the ones who know how large the account will need to be. See below for a tutorial on how to request an account. The leader of the ‘accounts’ group will receive a notification about this request, they can then delegate as necessary.

  1. Go to client profile you wish to request an account for
  2. Click on “Account Details”
  3. Click ‘Request an update’
  4. Fill in for and submit request

Accepting/Denying an Account Request

Only members of the ‘accounting’ group and organisation administrators are able to accept or deny an account request.

  1. Go to client profile you wish to request an account for
  2. Click on “Account Details”
  3. In the current account request card click the ‘more’ ellipsis in the top right hand corner
  4. Click “Accept” or “Reject”
  5. If you are rejecting an account request, you must provide a reason why.
  6. The person who requested the account will receive an email notification notifying them of the update and if the request was denied, the email will show the reason.

Viewing Previous Account Requests

You can see a list of all account requests for a client at the bottom of the ‘Account Details’ page.

Using an Account

  1. The client’s balance will be updated based on the invoices sent to them.
  2. You can view how much a client owes and how much of that is overdue in the client profile.
  3. If a client’s balance exceeds the credit limit set for their account, the organization will be notified.
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Client Accounts

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