Using Projects as Templates

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theBOSSapp includes a feature that allows you to use existing projects as templates for new projects. This feature saves time and effort in creating new projects, as you can easily create a new project based on the settings, information and configurations of an existing project.

When using a project as a template, you have the option to choose whether you would like to copy over the jobs within the project, as well as any files associated with it. This ensures that you can have all the relevant information and data in your new project, reducing the need to manually enter all the details.

View Existing Template Projects

Click ‘Registers’.
Click ‘Projects’.
Change your filters to select ‘Template Projects’ as in the screenshot below.

Setting up a New Template

  1. Click “REGISTERS”.
  2. Click “Projects”.
  3. Click “Add new project”.
  4. Enter a name for your template.
  5. Enable the ‘Project is a Template’ checkbox.
  6. Provide a description for the template’s intended use in the notes field.
  7. Click “Internal”.
  8. Double-click here.
  9. Press the ‘Save’ button to store your template.
  10. In the ‘Documents’ tab, you have the option to upload and store files that will be included in the template.
  11. In the ‘Jobs’ tab, you can create jobs that will be incorporated into the template.
  12. Your project template is now setup.

Creating a New Project from a Template

Copying a Project

To copy a project, navigate to the project you wish to use as a template and click the ‘copy project’ button. When clicked, a dialog box will appear asking you to fill out details of the new project, including name, and scheduled start date. Here you can also select whether you’d like to copy files from the current project as well as copy jobs.

  1. Click “Projects”
  2. Navigate to project you wish to use as a template.
  3. Click the “copy” icon.
  4. Fill the form.
  5. Click “Save”
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Using Projects as Templates

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