2 Factor Authentication for Admins

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How to Enable 2 Factor Authentication for Your Entire Organisation

Follow the steps below to enable 2FA for your organisation:

  2. Click “Details”
  3. In the field called “Enable 2 Factor Authentication Form”, enter the date when you want to start enforcing users to enroll in 2 factor authentication.
  4. Click “Save”
  5. Users will now see a screen warning them of the upcoming enforcement date along with options to setup their 2 factor or skip for now.
  6. Once the enforcement date has passed, users will need to setup 2 factor at the login screen before they can proceed into theBOSSapp.

Removing 2 Factor Authentication for a User

Administrator of theBOSSapp are able to remove 2FA from a user’s account.

This is to assist users that have issues with their authenticators and need to reset their access.

For the user guide to 2 Factor Authentication, click here.

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2 Factor Authentication for Admins

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