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The client profile is where you can see all information relating to a client.

A client profile is a comprehensive record of all the information related to a specific customer or prospect. The purpose of creating a client profile in a CRM is to help businesses manage and maintain relationships with their customers and prospects, by providing a centralized repository of customer information that can be easily accessed and updated by customer-facing employees.

The client profile has the following tabs:

  • Details – information about the client, including emails, phone numbers, etc
  • Documents – all documents relating to a client
  • Feedback – give internal feedback about the client, view feedback received from client
  • Account details – View clients account details and request to make changes
  • Contacts – View/Add/Delete client contacts
  • Projects – View all projects for the client
  • Tenders – View all tenders done for the client
  • Pricing – View/Add/Delete client pricing
  • Overview – View an overview of amount invoiced for a client
  • Invoices – View all invoices

Other Features

If “Have Clients Sign Up Themselves” is selected in your organisation settings, when clients are added to theBOSSapp, they will be sent a form via email to fill in their details.

This setting can be found under “Organisation” > “General”

The link to the form can also be copied from the Clients profile page:

Put Client on Hold

Organisation admins are also able to put a client on hold. This will prevent staff from sending the client deliverables.

Project associates and job managers will also receive email notifications that the client has been put on hold.

The header of the client profile will show whether the client is currently on hold, the total amount of unpaid invoices the client has, the total amount of overdue invoices the client has, and also the average amount of days it takes the client to pay.

It will also show you whether or not the client has had any holds put against them, as well as letting you know if the details are complete or not (for organisations making clients fill their details).


Internal comments can be added to the clients profile page.

When you add a comment to a client, the following people will receive an email with the comment:

1. All other staff who have made a comment.
2. All current Project Managers.
3. All current Job Managers.

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