Equipment Charge Out Rates

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The Equipment Charge-Out Rate feature is a simple tool for tracking rental rates and helps to automatically manage equipment costs across your entire project.

Adding an Equipment Rate

Follow the steps below to add an Equipment Charge Out Rate:

  1. Under Registers, click “Projects”.
  2. Select a project to add the equipment to.
  3. Click “Equipment”.
  4. Click the drop down field to choose the piece of equipment that you would like to add a rate for.
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Click “RATES” then “Add Rate”. This will automatically fill out all the equipment thats part of the project. Additional equipment can also be added.
  7. Click the “Rate” field and enter the daily charge out rate for the equipment item.
  8. (If the piece of equipment already has a charge rate on its equipment type, then it will be auto filled here.)
  9. Click “Save”
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Equipment Charge Out Rates

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