Project Contacts

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The project management platform allows you to add client contacts to a project.This feature helps in keeping track of the different stakeholders involved in a project and helps to streamline communication between the organization and the client.

When you add a project contact, you are able to mark them as a ‘deliverable recipient’ or an ‘invoice recipient’. When you mark a contact as one of these, when sending a deliverable or invoice, it will automatically add them as one of the recipients. You are able to add extra people, but it saves time not having to always add them.

Adding someone as a project contact also allows you to request feedback for the project from them.

Adding a Project Contact

  1. Navigate to the project you wish to add a contact to.
  2. Under the project summary card on the right hand side, there is a section called ‘contacts’
  3. Search for the contact you wish to add, select them, and click ‘Add’ (if the contact doesn’t appear, you can add them in in the client profile, see here for more information).

Mark a Project Contact as a Deliverable Recipient

To mark the contact as a ‘deliverable recipient’ or an ‘invoice recipient’, click the ‘more’ ellipsis and select what to add them as.


The project contacts feature is a helpful tool in managing communication between the organization and clients. It saves time by allowing you to easily send invoices and deliverables to the right people and also helps in keeping track of who to contact regarding a specific project. Adding project contacts is a simple and straightforward process that can be done quickly and easily within the project management platform.

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Project Contacts

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