General Info

We like to use the motto 'Simple, Clean, Consistent.' So here are few general definitions and guidelines that will help you out when using BOSS.


When you sign your organisation up for BOSS you will be added as an administrator for your organisation.

In general, there are two levels of access allowed in BOSS, general and administrator.

Administrators have access to add and edit every part of the organisations details, and are responsible for setting up the organisation.

General users will have access to add other resources, such as projects and jobs, but will be unable to access the more confidential parts of BOSS, (Staff Roles, Pay Runs, etc).

Administrators are also able to add other users of there organisation as administrators by going to Users > User Profile and clicking "Add as Administrator".


A resource is something that you are able to create. Some examples of resources include Projects, Jobs, Equipment and Invoices.

Many of these resources will be connected to other resources (e.g. a job will be associated to a project and a branch.)

Resource Profiles

Most resources used in BOSS will have a profile associated to them. The general layout of a resource profile will be as followed.

Resource Profile Header Image

These profiles will have all the resource information and details available, sorted into the different tabs.

The tabs will be different depending on which type of profile you are looking at and your position within the organisation (e.g. an organisation's administrator might have more access than a non-administrator).

This will also be where you will be able to edit and delete resources (if that resource type allows).

Resource Documents

See Resource Documents

Resources with profiles with generally have a 'Documents' tab.

Depending on the resource, you will be able to upload documents that are associated to this resource and even be allowed to create folders inside to better organise the documents.

Required Fields

When filling out a form, required fields will be marked with a red asterix.

You may notice that in BOSS there are many required fields.

We believe that if there is some information that should be added to a resource, that it should be required, to stop people from absent mindedly missing information.

Resource Prefixes

Many resources that you will create will automatically generate a number, these numbers will generally have a prefix before them to identify them.

Before you begin adding resources, please ensure that you have configured your prefixes to suit your organisations needs.

Organisation administrators are able to change prefixes in the organisation's general settings in Organisation > General.

Prefixes are in the form PREFIX/XXXXX, where PREFIX is the actual prefix you would like (e.g. PROJECT) and XXXXX is the amount of padding you would like for the numbers.

For example, if you had your project prefix set as PROJECT/XXXXX, your first project that you create would be PROJECT/00001, the second, PROJECT/00002, etc.

A full list of the general settings and what each of them do can be found here.

Activity Logging

All activity undertaken in BOSS is logged, this includes who created and updated specific resources, including the changes made to the resource.

If you required any of this information, please contact us at